Snorkeling And Diving Menjangan Tour

Enjoying tourism deer, it is unfortunate if you don’t snorkel or dive. The beauty that is on the island of deer exudes a charm that is too dear to miss. Its underwater charm will make your eyes stunned. Various kinds of coral reefs, various types of fish, turtles, where at certain times especially in the morning if lucky dsolphins can be seen jumping together at sea level when crossing to Menjangan Island.

Located in Bali, this island is the westernmost group of islands from the island of Bali. Included in the small island, here has become a place for endemic endangered animals called Menjangan or better known as deer. Then you decide to visit Menjangan Island. certainly will not feel disappointed. Because here you can see sights that are not shared by other tourist attractions. Here you can enjoy the charm of the beauty of the island deer is still original, still beautiful, and very beautiful.

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Get To Know Menjangan Island For Snorkeling

Maybe very little for those of you who know the island of deer because it is located quite far from the island of Bali. But who would have thought, behind the distance that is quite far, it turns out save a million charms of beauty that must be visited when there. That is because on this island almost very rarely touched by humans, so that with the beauty that is still natural, making this island deer still awake.

In this deer island, you can spend your time to feel the excitement of snorkeling. The island is surrounded by many dive spots (dive spots) and even become one of the best diving spots in Bali. If you are going to visit the island of Bali in Bali, but you are confused about the journey needed, you don’t need to worry. Because now you can entrust it to us Tripvanjava. We provide snorkeling and diving packages on the island of deer with the best service for your travel needs. And you can invite friends, family or your partner to go to this island deer.

Snorkeling and Diving Vacation Packages to Menjangan Island

Reaching the island of Menjangan with us can be done in about 3-4 hours drive from Kuta / Denpasar. To cross to the island of deer, from Denpasar to the starting point of Labuhan Lalang, take a boat to deer about 20 minutes. To reach the trip, we have prepared various facilities needed for your trip. Good for transportation needs as well as for travel tickets to the island of deer. So those of you who are going on vacation to the island of deer, you don’t need to worry about this trip. We have prepared the right trip for you.

Similarly, itinerary trips to the island deer. We will prepare it well. We have also prepared various interesting facilities, so that you will have a pleasant vacation for you. So, want to feel snorkeling to the island deer, immediately register yourself. Schedule your trip with us.

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