Mount Ijen Trekking Tour And Blue Fire

If you are a backpacker, then you are not great if you have never been trekking to Mount Ijen. Because Mount Ijen is one of the favorite ascent in East Java. Ijen mountain trekking is also a choice for a backpacker who wants to spend their vacation time in a challenging place. Because Mount Ijen has a very beautiful view and will pay your fatigue when climbing. The beauty that is widely known by domestic and foreign tourists is the beauty of the crater.

Bromo Ijen crater mountain tours every day is never empty of visitors. On ordinary days, visitors reach hundreds of people. But on weekends or other holidays, visitors at Mount Bromo Ijen crater reached 2 thousand people. Even for special nights like New Year’s Eve visitors can reach more than 4 thousand. Every year, Mount Bromo ijen crater tour always experiences an increase in visitors. So for those of you who have a long vacation, it is unfortunate if you do not decide to visit Mount Bromo.

Enchantment of Mount Bromo Ijen Crater

Mount Ijen Trekking Tour And Blue Fire

Judging from the name, you might hear it in horror. Because the ijen crater is one of the craters that has the largest acidity level in the world. So that it can dissolve the human body quickly when accidentally touching the contents of the crater. But behind it all there is a hidden beauty that you can feel when you are in the region.

Its beauty can be seen from the top of Mount Ijen. From above it looks like a crater with the beauty of a bluish green color that is not shared by other craters. In addition, the cold air in this region also reaches temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius and can even reach 2 degrees Celsius which will add a sensation for those of you who are in the region.

Coupled with the reflection of sunlight in the morning, it will make the view of the Ijen crater more beautiful. Also the presence of the reddish-leaf sweetrejo tree will make the panorama around Mount Ijen very beautiful and impressive. Especially with the phenomenon of blue fire in the Ijen crater that appears in the midst of sulfur mining will make you even more comfortable being here.

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Location

Mount Ijen, which has an area of up to 2,560 hectares, is located in a tourist park nature reserve area. Being one of the favorite places in East Java, this mountain turned out to be side by side with Mount Raung and Mount Merapi. The exact location is in the slippery sub-district of Banyuwangi district and Klobang sub-district of Bondowoso district. If you want to go there, you can start the journey from Malang or Surabaya.

You can use the Mount Ijen Bromo trekking package to facilitate your trip. Because this trip provider will certainly help your trip with complete facilities and a satisfying trip. Even the trip providers will also prepare your memorable trip, starting from transportation and other needs. So it will make it easy for you for the first time to travel to visit Mount Ijen.

Trip Van Java Tour And Travel Provider To Mount Ijen

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