Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package Cheap Price

If you have stumbled upon a picture of green tosca crater on Instagram, most likely you are looking at Mount Ijen. Mount bromo Ijen tour has been widely discussed on social media and becoming a favorite of travelers. You can find Mount Ijen at the East of Java, separating Banyuwangi and Bondowoso as it is located exactly on the border of both. This is where you can start a journey that will not be forgotten for the rest of your life!

Mount Ijen is one of the famous mountains in Java and is currently still active. While this is awesome, you should know that this mountain is an active volcano before going on an Ijen tour. Apart from the daily problems faced by the miners in the Ijen region, for those of you who want to travel there, you will find a spectacular view of the combination of the Lake Ijen crater.

The crater is famous for its Tosca color, the length of the hiking trail, and the view of sulfur fumes that always blowing into the sky. What are the things that you can do with our Ijen tour package? Shortly said, a lot. Here are some of the phenomena that will make you want to visit the beautiful mountain as soon as possible.

Great Phenomenon to Witness When Taking Ijen Tour Package

First of all, you need to take a picture with the Tosca colored crater as the landscape background as a proof of your kawah Ijen tour. The photos with the background of the Ijen crater are often found on Instagram, which means it makes a great picture. Additionally, the sulfur smoke makes the photo dramatically beautiful! Taking a picture with it is mandatory and you must do it when visiting there.

You can also see the blue fire phenomenon that you can only find in kawah Ijen tour. Yes, it is said that this blue fire phenomenon can only be found here. Not surprisingly, not only travelers who visit there, but also geologists and researchers, many who visit it. Every time, many local and international tourists are curious about this blue fire phenomenon.

The most appropriate time to do hiking mount Ijen and see the beauty of the blazing blue fire is dawn. The climbing time from Paltuding Post is approximately 3-4 hours. If you hike in the early hours, not only the blue fire you get, but also the epic beauty of the sunrise from the top of Ijen.

Watch out for Sulfur Gas When Taking Bromo Ijen Tour

While the view from the crater is fantastic, you need to watch out for sulfur gas. The sulfur might get too high, which is why Ijen can sometimes be closed to ensure the safety of travelers and miners. Even when you get there, it can simply be closed at any time. For them, your safety and everyone in there is the number one priority.

Well, because during the kawah Ijen tour you will find sulfur gas, you can try out safety equipment that is not just a nose covering. To avoid the toxic smoke that can come at any time, visitors are advised to use a mask that is equipped with an air filter.

Usually, you can rent these masks at the post or have been provided by a guide if you hire a tour guide for this kawah Ijen Tour. But unfortunately, many travelers do not heed the use of these masks, and only use perfunctory fabric masks. Even though if exposed for too long, the smoke of the horns is very bad for your body, and unconsciously, the lips will feel bitter because the smoke of the horns is not filtered.

Talk to the Miners While Hiking Mount Ijen

Many believe that this tour is a need for an escape. However, it is also an activity where you can learn so much from the places you go to. Here, you can talk with the sulfur miners to know what actually happens to them. If you want to open up and not only take pictures while in Mount Ijen tour, your knowledge will be broadened guaranteed.

New places, new people, always provide a different perspective on life. When meeting with sulfur miners in the Ijen tour area, if they are not busy, they are not reluctant to share stories, ranging from annoying tourists, stories of their lives who bet their lives every day, or who are pleasant, to hear them speak in local languages.

If you are lucky and able to have a close conversation with miners while hiking mount Ijen, you will be allowed to try to lift the burden of mining products. The heavy burden borne by miners in this mountain Region reaches 80 to 100 kg. Sometimes, miners who still feel strong in stamina are able to lift heavier weights than that.

Take the Right Path for Your Ijen Tour Package

From the last post before entering the gate to the top of Ijen, you will immediately be confronted with an ascending track. The distance is approximately 2 km, with contours that continue to rise and a little sand and gravel. After reaching the peak, you can go down the crater to the lip of the lake with a distance of approximately 1 km down a fairly steep rocky path.

When you follow this Mount Ijen tour path, you will often run into sulfur miners. Don’t get in the way of the miners’ paths to pass, because the path you are taking is actually for them. Be a good ‘guest’ at every tourist destination we visit. Every day, a miner is able to do hiking in this mount to the mining area up to 3 times. So, as a traveler, you should respect the right of these miners to do their job and ease their job by not creating any hassle.

Feeling like you need a guide? You can contact a tour guide to bring you around Mount Ijen or book this tour package to ensure your safety. Indeed, hiking like this can be tricky and you would want a professional to bring you around. Additionally, you can even explore Bromo along the way with the Bromo Ijen tour.

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