Ijen Trekking Tour From Banyuwangi

Spending vacation time at Mount Ijen is the right choice. Because Ijen has a charm of extraordinary beauty that is not owned by other places. The charms that are gained include beautiful sunrise and green views. The Ijen Plateau also has quite rare views and only two in the world. The charm of a rare beauty is the charm of the blue fire which is indeed very charming and a pity to miss if you spend time here.

Another thing that is not to be missed is its charm when you trekking Mount Ijen. Trekking to Mount Ijen presents its own challenges for you lovers of trekking. You can feel the thrill of climbing Mount Ijen accompanied by beautiful natural scenery. Certainly will make your tiring trip into an unforgettable trip.

The Charm Of The Beauty Of Ijen That Attracts Many Tourists

Maybe if you spend vacation time in Banyuwangi during the holiday season you will meet a lot of tourists. Both for foreign tourists and many local tourists who choose to visit this place. For that, it’s good when you decide to visit the ijen crater is at a fairly loose time. For example, on weekdays, you can take time off for a vacation with family here.

The number of tourists who decide to visit the Ijen crater is certainly not without reason, which is the main focus when coming here of course is the blue fire. If you want to spend your vacation time to see the blue fire, then you can come at 01.00 in the morning.

On the way to and back after trekking to Ijen, you will see a coffee plantation. After going through the plantation, you will be treated to views of the rainforest, where there are various kinds of plants, large trees, and the most interesting is the giant fern that existed in ancient times.

There, you will climb at a distance of about 3 km from Paltuding. Then you have to go down to the crater. From the crater, you have to walk to the bottom of the crater. Around 800 meters, here you have to be careful, because the road is very difficult. With a very long journey, all will be paid off with a view of blue fire.

Ijen Trekking Tour Package

For those of you who want to make the climb, you can use one of the packages we provide. We provide Tripvanjava ijen trekking tour that you can use for your vacation. You can invite friends, family and relatives to spend time here.

No need to worry, because we prepare everything needed for trekking. We also prepare an experienced local guide who is ready to provide information about Mount Ijen. Also prepare a itinerary for your convenience. That way, your vacation will be more memorable with us.

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