Ijen Crater Tour Package, The Beauty Of Enchanting Blue Flames

Ijen Crater, is a beautiful charm to visit while on vacation in Bromo. The charm of the beauty of blue fire which is the only one in Indonesia, is a rare phenomenon and you must witness its beauty. To witness this beauty, using the ijen crater tour package is the right choice. This tour package will make your visit to the Ijen crater more special.

Located precisely on the border between Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency, East Java, Indonesia. Mount Ijen has an altitude of 2,443 meters above sea level and is located adjacent to Mount Merapi. Enchantment of the beauty of Mount Ijen is not only obtained from the blue fire tour it has. But the charm that is not less interesting is the crater that is located at its peak. So for those of you who want to see the beautiful beauty of Ijen, climbing Mount Ijen is the best choice for you to use the Mount Ijen package that we provide.

Ijen Crater Tour Package

Exploring the beauty of the ijen crater can be done easily if you use the ijen crater package from us. Because we have provided this tour package service to facilitate you to be able to explore the beauty of Mount Ijen. With the Ijen package, you don’t need to worry to prepare all the facilities needed for you while in the Ijen crater. You also do not need to prepare travel plans to go to Ijen. Because we have prepared it well.

The necessary travel plans will certainly be very beneficial for you. Because you can visit various tourist attractions in Ijen in accordance with the time provided.

Itinerary To Ijen Using Tour Packages

In order to make it easier for you to travel to the Ijen crater, here is the itinerary that we have prepared:

  1. We will pick you up at the designated pickup point. For example in hotels, or airports according to the agreement.
  2. At night, we will drive you to Mount Ijen. Guests will be combined in one car with other guests.
  3. When we arrive at our destination, we will provide direction. Then the journey will continue with the climb as far as 3km. The trip will be accompanied by a tour guide, and will be equipped with a flashlight and gas mask.
  4. Before sunrise we will invite you to go to the rising point. The trip will be done 1.5 Km.
  5. In the morning you can watch the sun rise on the peak of Mount Ijen and watch the largest acid crater in the world.
  6. After that, we will invite you to go back to Paltuding. While accompanied by a guide, guests can also ask for help from a guide to take photos around the edge of the beautiful crater.
  7. Then the journey continues to the inn or at the pickup location.

Ijen Tour Package Prices

If you want the trip, you don’t need to worry. Because we offer a cheap budget for your trip. The trip is only Rp.350,000 or 25 $. This trip can be done every day whenever you want to do the trip. So, want to spend your vacation time to interesting tourist attractions? Immediately enjoy your trip with us. Contact us for further information.

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