Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Tour

Mount Ijen is not simply an ordinary mountain. You will be able to witness a phenomenon that you can hardly find anywhere else with Ijen Blue Fire Tour. Often hunted by travelers or people who love adventures, Mount Ijen offers a lot of photography ideas in a form of beautiful natural phenomenon. You can only find the blue fire in two places in the world: Iceland and Indonesia.

On top of that, the blue fire doesn’t always appear, so you must have the right timing in order to witness it. The blue flame is the result of sulfur that comes out from the mountain mixing with oxygen. This is what is known as Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour. Of course, there are tips on how to hunt blue fire so you won’t be disappointed on your arrival.

The name of Mount Ijen is already known to the world. So do not be surprised if this mountain is always crowded by tourists both local and foreign. Mount Ijen on normal days is busy. Especially if tourists come in the holiday season, the mountain is increasingly full of humans. Then it is better to determine the date of your visit when you are not on holiday so that your visit to Ijen Blue Fire Tour is more enjoyable.

What Needs to be Prepared for Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Tour

In order to pursue the Ijen Blue Fire Tour on Mount Ijen, the body’s health needs to be maintained. Mount Ijen is among one of the mountains that are popular for tourists, but you can’t simply underestimate it. You can get quite exhausting along the way. So, before going out on this trip, you should make sure that you have prepared your body by exercising routinely.

Even when you feel like you’re healthy, the air can be quite cold, so take care of yourself by wearing warm clothes, jackets, gloves, and socks. You will be crossing sandy terrain, so prepare yourself by wearing comfortable and non-slippery shoes. Because the sulfur gas in Mount Ijen can be dangerous, especially when approaching the peak of the mountain, always bring your own mask during Kawah Ijen Blue Fire tour.

There are dust and odor that will be inhaled by you, so moist the mask with a bit of water. Then, you need to make sure that you have prepared your equipment as well. Don’t forget your camera and flashlights, as you will be climbing Ijen Blue Fire Tour early in the morning. A headlight is very recommended here to make yourself more flexible.

When to Climb

The phenomenon you can see in the Kawah Ijen Blue Fire tour is one of the rare scenes that you must witness even once in a lifetime. The Blue Fire phenomenon is one of the unusual natural scenes. The beauty of nature on this one only exists in two places in this world. Curious how to get this complete blue fire phenomenon? However, this phenomenon is not so easy to obtain.

Climbing into the Kawah Ijen Blue Fire tour spot as early as 1 in the morning will higher the chance of you witnessing the blue fire. This is because the best time to spot the phenomenon is midnight. You will be able to see the blue fire quickly as there is no source of lights nearby. Don’t come too late or else the blue fire will get smaller, especially when it is close to 5 o’clock.

The slowest climb in Ijen Blue Fire Tour is at least done at 2 o’clock in the morning. This is related to the length of trekking you will do. At least you will walk for 2 hours you know. You need to know that the blue flame there will decrease in time before 5 am.

The Perfect Season for Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Tour

You are one step closer to seeing the magical blue flames that captivated the hearts and eyes of the adventurers. To get something good is indeed a struggle. All of these struggles for Ijen Blue Fire Tour must be carried out with perseverance. Like an attempt to get a view of the phenomenon of blue fire in the crater.

The dry and rainy season of Indonesia plays a big role when it comes to Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour. On dry season, the blue fire gets bigger, increasing your chance to see it. In Indonesia, the dry season would be around July to September. That is surely the best time to climb Mount Ijen. Moreover, because the sandy path to the mountain is dry, so it is not slippery and safer for visitors.

Therefore, the dry season or summer is the right time to go to Ijen Blue Fire trekking tour if you want to see the phenomenon of blue fire. You will not feel too hot in there either, because even on the dry season, Mount Ijen feels cold. That is because the wind will blow pretty hard up there. Therefore, make sure you wear a windproof jacket.

More about Mount Ijen

There are no other words that can describe the weather in Kawah Ijen Blue Fire tour other than cold! Naturally, because this crater is located on the tall Mount bromo Ijen above the sea. The temperature in Ijen Crater is between 2 ° C – 12 ° C, not to mention the wind in this crater is very strong which makes the cold air piercing the bones even more.

As for the temperature in the crater itself can reach 600 ° C! The sunrise, as well as the blue fire, will indeed depend on the weather. For further information about Ijen Blue Fire trekking tour, you can contact a tour agency for the guide’s information. The language that is used there is Indonesian and Javanese, so if you don’t speak both languages, they will help you.

Even if you find yourself really tired when you are in the mountain, don’t worry because there is a motorcycle taxi ready to help you get to the top of Mount Ijen by using a cart! By having a professional and experienced guide, you won’t be having too much hassle in your Ijen Blue Fire trekking tour adventure.

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