G-Land Surfing Tour 3 Days 2 Night Cheap Price

G-land is the best surfing spot that is currently a favorite for surfers. For this reason, we present the 3 Days 2 Night G-Land Surfing Tour that you can use for your vacation. In this package we will invite you to enjoy the beauty of g-land. Certainly will also invite you to spur adrenaline by surfing on the island of Grajagan.

Maybe this is not interesting for those of you who haven’t felt the thrill of surfing at all. But it will be a very special thing, especially for you surfing lovers. Because here, you will feel the excitement of surfing in different places. You can feel a tense and exciting atmosphere with your friends and colleagues.

Get to know G-Land Surfing

Before you spend your time in this surfing spot, it seems you need to know more about it. Yes, grajagan is a place with a reef to the left that displays natural topography to extend to world-class resting points. combined by a shelf of coral reefs, this nose-shaped peninsula has the full power of the Indian ocean. Thus creating the perfect storm to serve as the best surfing spot.

This is because there are very long waves, each part of the grajagan has been considered to have its own surfing beauty that is different. So you can choose the most appropriate surfing spot for you to make as your surfing spot. Coupled with clean sea water, and a consistent amount will certainly add to your excitement if you choose to surf here.

The Cheapest G-Land Surfing Tour 3 Days (2 Nights)

Grajagan beauty is not enough if you just talk about it without visiting it. Therefore, we and the Tripvanjava team are here to offer convenience to those of you who want to visit there but cannot come alone. We offer packages g-land surfing tour 3 days 2 nights. You can invite friends, coworkers, school friends and your family to enjoy the beauty of grajagan together. We will invite you not only to enjoy grajagan, but also to visit various interesting tourist places around there. Starting from the orange and dragon fruit plantations, Alas Purwo National Park, and others.

Certainly for this tour, we will not let you prepare your own surfing needs. But we will also prepare various facilities needed by you and the team. Some of the facilities we provide for this tour include:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Mineral water during the tour
  • Destination ticket
  • Private car (fuel include)
  • Guide for surfing
  • Accommodation at the G-Land hotel for 2 nights
  • English driver guide

With this complete facility, it is hoped that you will not have to worry anymore your tour needs will be special with us tripvanjava. Likewise for the price, we also offer a cheap price for you. Prices are adjusted to the number of participants participating in this activity. The more participants, of course the price will be cheaper per person. For that, do not doubt if you are a lover of surfing is not cool if you have not felt the thrill of surfing in Grajagan. Book now!

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