Our Crew will pick the guests in the airport, railway stations, bus stations or meeting point of every hotel in Surabaya.

The guests meet with crew then continue their trip to Madakaripura Waterfall from Surabaya. The trip approximately takes 3 hours by using cars. On the trip, guests can enjoy the rural scenery of East Java community.

When we arrive in the Madakaripura Waterfall, the guests change their outfit for themselves before going to the waterfall by using a motorcycle. The trip approximately takes 3 km accompanied by our guide and the guests go to feel the motorcycle riding sensation of Indonesia.

After they arrive at the Madakaripura’s gate, the guests going on foot around 1 km with the local tour guide and preparing their raincoat which is provided by us. Along the way, the guests are going to feels the tropical rain forest of the East Java province. If they lucky, they may found the Lutung monkey of Java with their self-conscious behavior.

When they arrive in the Waterfall, using the available raincoat to keep of the splash of the water. But, if the guests want to swim in the Waterfall area is allowed, with notes, always follow the guide struction because it depends on the water debits of the waterfall before they want to swim. On location, the guests are presented with a beautiful view of Madakaripura Waterfall which is categorized as the highest waterfall in the Java Island.

When they finished the trip, they come back to the parking lot to change their outfit and prepare their belongins to continue their trip to the hotel/ homestay on the slope of Mount Bromo.

After we arrive at the hotel/homestay, the guests may have some rest to prepare themselves for tracking onto the summit of the Mount Bromo to watch a sunrise.


At 02:30 AM, the guests start prepares to see the sunrise on the summit of the Mount Bromo.

At 03:00 AM, the guest making a trip onto the summit of Mount Bromo using 4 WD cars. The trip takes one hour from the hotel/homestay.

At 04:00 AM, after we arrive on the Mount Bromo, the guest are preparing and waiting to see sunrise. If they need some coffee break, they can buy some coffee or snack on the summit area. However, if the guests love photograph, they can photograph the Milky Way from the summit. The things that guests should know before watching a sunrise is the weather and condition that occur on the Mount Bromo.

The guests start watching a sunrise around 05:00 AM.

At 06:00 AM, the guests back to their 4 WD cars to continue their trip to the savanna hill and the Mount Bromo summit.

When we get to the savanna hill of Mount Bromo, the guests hike to Mount Bromo on foot as far as 1,5 km and pass 227 steps. However, if the guests cannot make the hike, they can use horses to reach the gate of the Mount Bromo. When they reach the summit of the Mount Bromo, they have a photo session with the view savanna of Mount Bromo and crater of the mountain. With our guide, the guests will see unique and beautiful photo.

At 08:30 AM, the guests back to the savanna before they are going back to their hotel/homestay using 4WD cars.

At 09:30 AM, the guests back to their hotel/homestay for taking a bath, taking a breakfast, preparing their belongin, check out, and then go to Banyuwangi.

At 12:00 noon, they are going to Banyuwangi that reach 6 hours trip. On the way to Banyuwangi, guests can see the scenery and fresh air from the Bondowoso coffee plantation.

When the guests arrive in the hotel/homestay, they are suggested to take a break, prepare their belongin for heading to Ijen Mountain at night.


At 00:00 midnight, the guests are prepared to carry out the hiking of Ijen Mountain. A briefing by the guide, the guests are given mineral water supplies, gask masks, and hedlamps before start hike the Ijen Mountain which will take 3 km.

Arriving in Paltuding, the guests begin the hike with the guide and their supplies provided by the our guide. The trip will be taken 3 km with a slope of about 60 degrees. Guests will find the bunder post which is the last post before reaching the top of Ijen Mountain, where guests can enjoy Ijen coffee and take a break. At the post, guests can use the toilets that are available.

At 03:00 AM, guests will witness the beauty of blue fire where there are only two in the world and Ijen is the biggest among other, but what needs to be considered by guests is that blue fire is a natural phenomenon so it all depends on nature, if they lucky and Ijen not covered by heavy smoke, guests can watch the beauty of blue fire. Some things that guests need to know in going to the blue fire observation area, guests will go down a steep and slippery road as far as 800 meters from the crater rim. Guests must follow the instructions of our guide, when they got in the blue fire area, guests can take photos and watch the beauty of blue fire. When sulfur fumes begin to smell, guests are required to wear gas masks and may not panic, our guide will give instructions to avoid the stinging and poignant sulfur fumes in the eyes. Guests can also witness a phenomenon that will never be forgotten, namely seeing the heaviest work in the world carried out by sulfur miners. They (sulfur miners) are able to lift and carry 70-90 kg of sulfur to the summit.

At 04:00 Am, the guests going back up to the top of the sunrise point to watch the sunrise at the top of Ijen Mountain. In addition, guests can witness the world’s largest and most acidic blue crater. The crater has an area of ​​5 hectares and a depth of 200 meters.

At 06:00 AM, the guests return to paltuding then to the hotel/homestay for breakfast and clean themselves.

At 10:00 AM, the guests will be escorted by guide to the port of Ketapang and across the Bali Strait by ferry.

Arriving at the port of Gilimanuk guests will be directed to use a bus or rent a car to get to their destination.

Trip is complete.


  • During the trip guests can give advice to drivers so that every 2 hours rest.
  • In the selection of restaurants, guests will be shown the best place to eat according to the needs of guests.
  • If the guest wishes to will provide a private vehicle to deliver to their estination in Bali with additional costs.

Price and Facility :

Price :

Homestay :

  • 2 Pax : IDR 3.200.000 ( $ 229 ) for Per Person
  • 4 Pax : IDR  2.200.000 ( $ 158 ) for per Person
  • More than 4 Pax, contact admin

Hotel :

  • 2 Pax : IDR 3.400.000 ( $ 243 ) Per Person
  • 4 Pax : IDR 2.400.000 ( $ 172 ) Per Person
  • More than 4 pax, contact admin

Facilities :

  • Travel Insurance
  • Mineral water during tour
  • All Destination ticket
  • Private car (fuel include)
  • Driver English Guide
  • Bromo jeep
  • Gas masks and headlamp during Ijen tour
  • Snack/fruit
  • Raincoat
  • Madakaripura taxi bike
  • Ferry ticket
  • Accommodation (homestay/ hotel) if wanting upgrade hotel, please contact admin
  • Documentation photo
  • Guide madakaripura
  • Guide ijen mountain

Note: if you want another request you can contact admin, for example you want exclude hotel or you want go back at Malang or Surabaya we can give you that facility, And we can give you different price.